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    April Meeting-It's "Tool Time" for 503 Outreach, Recruitment and Implementation

    Date: April 8, 2015
    Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce-Freedom Insurance Room
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    Peggy Anderson of the Alabama Dept of Rehabiliation Services is a national trainer and consultant on disability in the workplace with specializations in: Federal mandates/implementation; disability specifics on etiquette, simulation, language, bias, awareness; interviewing; reasonable accommodations; outreach, recruitment, hiring, retention.  Long term leader and manager of business relations programs focusing on dual customer needs: those of both business and individuals with disabilities, designing products and services to meet those needs. 

    This session will not only address what is expected in your outreach and recruitment efforts for diversity and inclusion of individuals with disabilities, it will also provide you with trusted tools to facilitate compliance and implementation for all of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act requirements.  More Detailed Learning Objectives: HR and other professionals will:

    1)Understand how to undertake appropriate outreach and positive recruitment activities in response to the 503 mandates;     

    2)Receive specific state, regional and national resources to facilitate compliance with Section 503 regulations;    

    3)Utilize a “tool kit” summary sheet to guide selection and use of resources for HR evidence of “good faith effort”.        

    More specifically it will review the 503 mandates for Federal Contractors regarding the expectations for a company’s personnel actions tied to the 7% Utilization Goal.  It will provide strategic tools for recruitment, workforce data collection, review of personnel processes, reasonable accommodations, job retention, 7% goal activity, training and record keeping so that employers can strategically plan, manage and implement changes needed for compliance. And it will also touch on innovations for employee retention tied to disability.