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Members trained on New Alabama Guns in the Workplace law effective August 1, 2013

    July 11, 2013

    In July's monthly chapter meeting, SHRM members heard a presentation from representatives of the Cullman Co. Sheriff's Department.  Making the presentation was Chief Office Max Bartlett, along with Sheriff Mike Rainey and Captain Mark Persall.  Attendees were given copies of the Law along with a powerpoint presentation focused on the high lights of the bill and what empoyers should be focusing on.  Also many questions were raised and a lot of discussion surrounded the presentation.  If any member was unable to attend the meeting and would like a copy of the material, please contact Jim Yoho.  Sheriff Raney and Officer Bartlett encouraged all employers to contact them if they need further clarification of the regulations or contact law enforcement whenever they have a workplace violence issue. Also attending our meeting was the State SHRM, District 1 Representative Michelle DeBord, pictured below with Chapter member Dan Plank.