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CSHRM Attains Membership Superstar Status for 2013!

    April 7, 2014

    On behalf of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), I want to congratulate your chapter for its achievement of attaining Membership Superstar status for 2013!

    Although our economy continues to be challenging, your chapter was able to overcome these challenges and positively advance SHRM membership in 2013.  Many chapters experienced declining membership during the year, so your state’s ability to maintain or realize growth is to be highly commended.

    As the economy continues to rebound, we hope you will see continued growth of your in-chapter SHRM membership.  The overall membership growth goal remains at 3% for 2014, with a 1.00 to 3.99% increase of in-chapter SHRM membership required for Membership Star status and a 4.0% or higher increase for Membership Superstar status.  Be sure to leverage the many resources available at, where you will also find the schedule for our Membership CLA teleconferences.  We also hope that you will continue to share best practices with your peers.  In addition, your SHRM regional team is available to provide you information and guidance to support your membership initiatives.  

    Congratulations again on this achievement!  Keep up the great work, and thanks for all you do!

    All the best!

    Elissa O’Brien, SPHR
    Vice President, Membership